French and Italian | Applied French Linguistics
F580 | 3447 | Rottet, Kevin

The general objective of this course is to impart to students with
little or no previous introduction to linguistics a knowledge of the
main linguistic features of French and their relevance for the
pedagogy of French as a foreign language in the United States. We
will examine various aspects of the structure of French (lexicon,
phonology, morphology, syntax, and pragmatics) with emphasis on the
spoken language and a coverage of social, stylistic, and geographical
variation, discussing implications of such variation for the FLE
classroom. There will also be a sociolinguistically-oriented survey
of the linguistic situation in France and in various Francophone
regions. Other sociolinguistic topics will include language attitudes
and linguistic insecurity; linguistic and pedagogical norms; language
policy in France and the Francophone world; multilingualism and