French and Italian | Topics in Italian Culture
M222 | 8689 | Ryan-Scheutz, Colleen

Topic: Female Voices from 20th-Century Italy

This course introduces students to female poets, protagonists,
novelists, and playwrights with an eye on the development of women's
self-awareness and subjectivity. The course provides an overview of
women's issues and movements in Italy in the course of the twentieth
century and of women's changing roles modern Italian society. The
study of selected primary and secondary works (in translation) offer
a broad range of perspectives on femininity, motherhood, and the
concept of voice. Students will gain a profound awareness of the
cultural differences and social realities that different female
writers and characters were facing in their times. Above class taught
in English. Above class carries Culture Studies credit. Above class
meets with MEST-M 200.