French and Italian | Seminar in Italian Cinema
M500 | 27677 | Vitti, Antonio

Topic: The Remaking of Postwar Italy Through the Lenses of Cinema

This course investigates how Italian cinema embodies the essence of
the Italian political and ideological collective consciousness after
World War II when the cultural milieu surrounding the anti-fascist
Resistance became a cultural and political foundation for postwar
Italian national identity as well as the ideological basis of the
1946 Italian constitution. The major issues in Italian cultural and
cinematic changes from the end of WW II to 1959 will be studied,
including modernization, the transformation of traditions, social
institutions, the pre-economic boom, the end of neo-realism and the
birth of pink neo-realism, the Italian style comedy, the Cold War,
fashion and internal immigration. Particular attention will be given
to the relationship between traditional values and the new cultural
models imported from abroad, which gave rise to the new movie star

Required texts:

* Gian Piero Brunetta, _Storia del cinema italiano. Dal
neorealismo al miracolo econmico 1945-1959_. Volume terzo. Roma:
Editori Riuniti, 1993. ISBN 88-359-3787-6.
* _Incontri con il cinema italiano_ (a cura di Antonio Vitti).
Caltanissetta: Sciascia Editore, 2003, ISBN 9-788882-411480.
* _Peppe De Santis secondo se stesso_ (a cura e con saggi di
Antonio Vitti). Metauro, 2006, ISBN 9-78887-543889.
* Marta Boneschi, _Poveri ma belli_ . Milano: Mondadori, ISBN 97-
8880- 4423591.