French and Italian | Reading and Expression in French-Honors
S300 | 3486 | Gray, Margaret

An introduction to French literature, this course has three goals: a)
to provide further exposure to a variety of literary genres in
French, including poetry, theatre, the novel and the short story b)
to develop and sharpen reading skills through practice in close
reading and techniques of literary analysis c) to foster student
progress in practical skills such as aural and written comprehension,
as well as oral and written expression. Beginning with poetic texts
of the Renaissance in the Petrarchan tradition, we will analyze the
reprise and transformation of these forms in the Romantic lyrics of
the nineteenth century, as well as their subsequent post-Symbolist
ironizations. We will then proceed with our study of irony in the
context of a different genre, theatre—in which a playwright’s
manipulation of the ideal of romantic love becomes a vehicle for
powerful social critique. Turning to the more intimate account of a
first-person narrative, we will follow the adventures, setbacks,
hopes, sorrows and joys recounted by the narrator of a coming-of-age
novel, or “roman d’apprentissage.” The semester will conclude with a
selection of short stories illuminating thematic and formal issues,
from problems of moral responsibility to voice and point of view.
Written exercises will include an in-class writing assignment, a
midterm exam, a paper and a comprehensive final exam. One more thing:
you have just had your last contact with English. S 300 : P - FRIT-F
250. Above class carries COLL A & H distribution credit. Above class
open to Hutton Honors College students only.