Germanic Languages | Advanced College German with 6-week Business German Module
G400 | 3613 | Langjahr

Prerequisite: G330

This course  is an advanced language course whose goal is to improve
your reading and writing skills, enhance your mastery of grammatical
and idiomatic structures,broaden your vocabulary and  at the same time
introduce you to various aspects of German literature, culture and
Business German.

We begin with a six-week Business German component focusing on a
variety of practical aspects of working in Germany (e.g. writing CVs,
insurance and social security system, phone communication, industry

Then we will begin  studying 20th century literature and  from there
move into earlier periods of German literature.We will study short
texts and paintings, observe changes in style and ideas in order to
gain an overview as well as deeper insights into German culture while
improving our language skills along the way. We will review grammar
and introduce basic tools for the analysis of texts while exploring
the cultural landscape of German-speaking countries.

This course is  beneficial for students contemplating internships in
Germany as well as for those interested in delving deeper into German
literature and culture.

Required Texts:
Maierhofer/Klocke: Literatur im Kontext.Focus Publishing 2009.
ISBN: 1-58510-263-6

Braunert/Schlenker: Unternehmen Deutsch. Aufbaukurs Lehrbuch. Klett 2008.
ISBN: 978-3-12-675745-4

Rankin/Wells: Handbuch zur deutschen Grammatik, 4th edition. Houghton
Mifflin 2004. ISBN: 0618338128.