Germanic Languages | Seminar in German Literature
G825 | 7881-7882 | H. Keller

Topic: Summits and valleys. German Mysticism for advanced readers

This seminar offers an opportunity to deepen oneís knowledge of the
checquered landscape of German mysticism between 1150 and 1700.
Our readings will focus on specific authors and works, to be
determined in collaboration with the participants, depending on
their research interests.  In view of one of the basic tenets of
mystical discourse, namely that speech and experience are
inextricably linked, the seminar will be structured around close
readings. Whenever possible, digitized manuscripts will be taken
into account. Proficiency and pegagogy in German (with a view to
prepare for the job market) are an integral part of the course; it
is taught in German.

Format and goals of the course
Students will be required to present their readings, act as
discussion leaders and develop a plan for a research paper, due by
the end of the semester. If warranted, research papers can
conceivably be developed into masterís thesis.
The final grade will be determined by these weighted factors (this
is an approximation):
Active participation in class based upon your weekly readings 25%;
paper and preparatory steps, 50%, discussion-leading 25%.

Required books
To be determined.