Gender Studies | Themes in Gender Studies: Writing Gender & Disability
G205 | 11477 | Schusterbauer, E

In this course, we will use autobiographical writings as a site for
considering the socially constructed, embodied, and intersecting
categories of gender and disability.  We will begin by developing a
common vocabulary and theoretical base from which to think about
gender and disability, being attentive to the fact that both terms
have generated considerable scholarship, debate, and popular
representation.  In this beginning phase of the course, we will
-the various ways in which gender and disability, as theoretically
independent axes of identity, have been conceptualized historically
-the various ways in which gender and disability intersect with one
another to shape daily experience and social positioning
-the various ways in which gender and disability intersect with
other identity categories (such as class, race, and age)
We will then move on to read and consider a series of
autobiographies.  The assigned texts will help us think about:
-the fluidity of gender and disability (how are these categories
similarly and/or differently defined and represented in and across
the texts?)
-the function of autobiography (how do these texts function
personally and politically? what rhetorical devices do their authors
-the intersection of theory and autobiography (how do these texts
illustrate, clarify, or work against the gender and disability
theory with which we opened the course?  do these texts do a kind of
theoretical work of their own?)