Gender Studies | Gender, Geography, Sex & Space
G340 | 29710 | Johnson, C

G340 Gender, Geography, Sex, and Space (3 cr.) S & H Geographers are
found of reminding us that everything that happens happens
someplace.  Gender and sexuality are no exceptions to this rule.
This course examines the crucially important role that space and
place play in the construction and maintenance of gender norms,
sexual conventions, and critically and politically minded
indictments of both of these things.  In addition to surveying a
broad range of classic and contemporary theoretical literature
dealing with space and place, students will also consider various
social and historical contexts in which our understanding of gender
and sexuality have either shaped, or been shaped by, popular
perceptions regarding particular landscapes, locations, regions, or
built environments.  Subjects for investigation will include the
gendered and sexualized imaginary of imperialism and territorial
conquest; the gendered history of the domestic domain; the modernist
art of flaneurie in fin de siècle Europe; feminist eco-criticism and
gender-conscious critiques of architecture and urban planning;
lesbian separatism and the “Women’s Land movement” of the late 1960s
and 1970s; the spatial dimensions of feminist and queer protest and
activism; spaces of sexual commerce in American cities and the
culture of public sex generally; the gendered, racial and sexual
politics of imprisonment in the United States; and the gendered and
sexual utopianism (and dystopianism) of popular science fiction.