Gender Studies | Graduate Topics in Gender Studies: The Cultural Study of Bodies & Embodiment
G701 | 12029 | Weber, B

This class is designed to introduce and engage with two overlapping
fields of study:  cultural studies and feminist theories about the
body and embodiment.  Starting first with more conventional
literature that helps situate the various meanings of cultural
studies (using such theorists as Stuart Hall, Angela McRobbie, and
Antonio Gramsci), we will then turn to more specific theorizations
of the social meanings of the body, as inflected through the
discursive lens of interdisciplinary feminist scholars such as Susan
Bordo, Iris Marion Young, Elizabeth Grosz, and Victoria Pitts-
Taylor.  We will also trouble the often Western-centric focus of
cultural studies and sometimes feminist studies by being
particularly attentive to bodily ontologies in non-Western contexts,
in specific relation to gender, sex, and sexuality.  Themes will
include:  moral panic and the obesity “crisis,”
plastic surgery, “othered” bodies, and body modification practices.