Gender Studies | Researching Gender Issues
G702 | 27762 | Johnson, C

G702 Researching Gender Issues (3 cr.) This course explores research
methodologies and approaches relevant to the study of gender and
sexuality.  More specially, it intends to provide students with an
overview of research tools, methods, techniques, approaches,
paradigms, and theoretical contributions pertinent to research
related to gender issues.  Although conceptual and theoretical
concerns associated with research design and execution will be
addressed throughout the semester, the course will also attend to a
number of practical matters including the writing of research
statements and funding proposals; identifying potential sources of
short and long term research funding; research ethics and IRB
protocol; rudimentary library research skills; the use of online
resources and citation management software; and the professional
mechanics of research reporting and scholarly publication.  Because
gender studies is an interdisciplinary field, we will be asking
ourselves throughout the semester what it is that we mean by the
term “interdisciplinary” as well as what we believe the unique
capacities and limitations of interdisciplinary research and writing
actually are.