History | Introduction to Native American History
A200 | 27783 | Snyder

A portion of this class reserved for University Division
orientation program students

This introductory course surveys the history of Native peoples of
North America from the earliest times through the present. Through
lectures, readings, and discussions, the class focuses on four major
themes: cultural and historical diversity among Native people,
Native agency, cultural exchange between American Indians and
African and European newcomers, and Native survival. The goals of
this course are to provide students with a broad understanding of
Native American history, to prepare students for more advanced
coursework in Native Studies, and to enhance studentsí understanding
of colonialism, American history, and the history of the Atlantic

Topics to be addressed include Native origins, pre-Columbian
civilizations, the demographic, economic, and social consequences of
contact with European and African peoples, spirituality, warfare,
U.S. Indian policy, Native resistance and activism, and contemporary
issues in Native North America including sovereignty and gaming.

Students will be evaluated through class discussions, short writing
assignments, and two in-class examinations. Readings average 50
pages per week and include primary accounts and secondary sources
written by scholars. We will also examine other sorts of sources
including material culture, art and iconography, fiction, and film.