History | African American History II
A356 | 27787 | Muhammad

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to undergraduates and Education MAs only

Since the moment of emancipation, and the passage of new
constitutional rights granting citizenship to freedpeople, African
Americans have sought to achieve freedom through the full
realization of their humanity.  As women, men, and children, as
individuals and as members of organizations, as workers and as
consumers, as patriots and dissidents, African Americans have
strived to achieve the promises of American freedom since the
1860s.  But freedom was not easily obtained nor freely given, and
quite often was forcefully denied.  This course traces the history
of several black freedom movements, both individual and collective,
over the past one hundred fifty years, and looks particularly at the
role of race, race-relations, racism, and African Americans in
particular in helping to shape nearly every aspect of modern
American society.

Readings will include articles, books and primary documents.
Lectures will include pictures, illustrations, film, and video, plus
interactive discussions.  There will be a paper, two exams, and in-
class assignments.