History | Mafia & Other Italian Mysteries
B226 | 11954 | Ipsen

A portion of this class reserved for University Division orientation
program students

This course will focus primarily on the Italian mafia. The main text
will be John Dickie’s "Cosa Nostra: A History of the Sicilian
Mafia." That work does also explore links to the US mafia. In
addition to the mafia we will look at related areas of Italian “deep
politics” (or Italy’s mysteries) including some (but probably not
all) of the following: Salvatore Giuliano, right and left wing
terror and the strategy of tension, the Vatican banking scandal, P2,
Ustica. Lecture and discussion will be supplemented with assorted
feature and documentary films. Students will complete a series of
short written assignments and quizzes as well as ‘blue book’ mid-
term and final exams.