History | Icon & Axe: Russia From Earliest Times to 1861
D102 | 27841 | Ransel

Above class carries Culture Studies credit
A portion of this class reserved for University Division orientation
program students

This course offers an introduction to the main events and issues in
Russian history from earliest times to the Crimean War in the mid
nineteenth century.  It covers the foundation of a great Slavic
state in the Eurasian plain, the Kievan era of early state building,
the Mongol Conquest, and colorful rulers such as Ivan the Terrible,
Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great. Lectures will focus on
history-shaping events such as the rise of the Muscovite State, the
reign of Boris Godunov and the Time of Troubles in the early
seventeenth century, the Great Northern War that Peter the Great
fought to bring Russia into Europe, and the invasion of Russia and
occupation of Moscow by Napoleon in 1812. The one textbook is "A
History of Russia: Peoples, Legends, Events, Forces." Other
materials include readings in documentary sources. Nearly all
lectures will be accompanied by slide images to illustrate aspects
of the life of the time being studied.  Grades will be based on
three exams and six short papers (one page each) responding to the
documentary readings. The exams relate directly to the course
readings and lectures, and students will be provided with study
questions to help them organize their exam preparation.