History | Main Political Figues in Hungary: Debates and New Approaches
D300 | 31792 | Ablonczy

Suicides, Martyrs, Heroes or Criminals?  Who were these
politicians?  How did they change, how did they remain the same in a
turbulent Central Europe?

This course offers an overview of some prominent Hungarian
politicianís life and work in the XXth century.  Left-wing, right-
wing, conservatives, liberals, communists, moderates or extremists:
Miklos Horthy, Pal Teleki, Istvan Bethlen, Istvan Tisza, or Oszkar
Jaszi played an important role in the countryís history.  In a
historical moment or in all their life, they influenced peopleís
ideas, political orientations and manner of living.  Their work and
their legacy are source of disputes and public debates even now.
Through some biographies, written or translated in English, and some
other works (speeches, their own writings) we will try to analyze
their positions and their principles in some debates of the
contemporary Hungarian history.