History | Modern Argentina
F300 | 11634 | James

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to undergraduates and Education MA’s only
Above class meets with LTAM-L 426

This course focuses on the history of Modern Argentina and Brazil
from Independence to the Contemporary era.  It aims to introduce
students to a wide range of materials drawn from historical,
cultural and political sources.  The principle focus will be two-
fold:  to convey a sense of the historical development of the modern
Argentine and Brazilian nation states and to give a sense of the
roots of the unique social, cultural and political formations that
have come to characterize those states.  Much of the material used
will be of a inter-disciplinary nature ranging from novels to
anthropological reports and political speeches.  Use will also be
made of films from Brazil and Argentina.  The reading for this
course will be in the range of 100-150 pages a week.  The course
will also have a strong writing component in the form of essays and
book and film reports.  Students will also work towards a final term

Books will include:  Robert Levine, "The Brazil Reader"; David
Rock, "Argentina"; Jose Hernandez, "Martin Fierro"; Maryssa
Navarro, "Evita Peron"; Tomas Eloy Martinez, "Santa Evita"; Daniel
James, "Dona Maria’s Story: Life-History, Memory and Political
Identity"; Euclides da Cunha, "Rebellion in the Backlands."