History | Fascism in Europe
H620 | 8731 | Ipsen

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only
Above class meets with WEUR-W 605

The organizing principal for this course is European fascism.
Expanding from that principal we shall also explore pre-fascist
manifestations of national socialism as well as the contributing
intellectual context of degeneracy and the links between the
development of fascism and cultural avant gardes. We will study
theories of fascism (e.g. Griffin, Sternhell) as well as fascism in
practice (e.g. Paxton). We will focus on the main interwar fascist
dictatorships in Italy and Germany but also consider fascist
movements in other national contexts. We will read approximately one
monograph per week for general discussion. Writing assignments will
likely include a short comparative piece and a research proposal.