History | East Asian History
H675 | 27873 | Muehlhahn

Above class open to graduates only
A portion of the above class reserved for majors

This colloquium provides students with a comprehensive introduction
to the history and historiography of  19th and 20th Century China.
The basic goal of the colloquium is to familiarize students with
both the subject matter of Modern Chinese history and above all the
ways in which it has been studied and explained (through approaches,
themes, periods) in both China and the Western academia. The course
will examine a variety of approaches or lenses including political,
social, intellectual, gender and legal history. Each colloquium
session will be devoted to the discussion of a particular topic.

This course is designed for history students as well as for students
in other programs who want to get a historical perspective on China.
No prior classes in Chinese or East Asian history are assumed or
required here, but such courses might prove relevant and useful if
you've taken them.

Students are required to prepare a five-page response paper, prepare
oral presentations for the class based on the required readings for
each session and write a 15-20 page paper on a specific topic. The
topic has to be agreed upon with the instructor. Students are
required to hand in a one page abstract at the end of October.