History | Theory and Method in Middle East Historiography
H685 | 12413 | Martin

Above class meets with NELC-N 695

What is historiography? Does the historiography of the Middle East
display defining characteristics that distinguish it from European
or Latin American historiography? Can the study and analysis of
Middle East historiography reveal as much about Western perspectives
of the Middle East as it does about the actual “history” of the
region? Using these broad questions as points of departure, this
course will survey the Western canon of historical writing on the
region we now know as the Middle East. In the process, it will seek
to place this body of literature in the context of larger historical
and historiographic trends by reviewing major theoretical and
methodological developments in the humanities and social sciences,
examining their employment in concrete research projects focusing on
the Middle East, and analyzing the resulting debates that have
ensued within the profession. This course is designed for NELC
graduate students and those in History who have an interest in the
Middle East.