History | The Sephardic Diaspora
J300 | 11983 | Lehmann

Above class COLL intensive writing section
Above class open to undergraduates only
A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class meets with another section of HIST-J 300

This intensive writing seminar will survey the history and culture
of the Diaspora of Spanish and Portuguese Jews who were expelled
from Spain in 1492 or fled the Catholic Inquisition in subsequent
decades. We will examine the unique experience of the Sephardic Jews
in a far-flung network of communities that emerged from the Middle
East and Southeastern Europe under Ottoman rule to the Dutch Empire
in the Atlantic world. We will trace the history of the Sephardic
Diaspora through the period of modernization and emancipation in the
eighteenth and nineteenth centuries down to the demise of the
Sephardic communities during the Holocaust and the mass-exodus from
Arab countries in the mid-twentieth century and conclude with
looking at contemporary Sephardic experiences in the United States
and Israel.

The J300 is an introductory seminar for History majors and other
students intended to teach historical skills, particularly research
and analytical skills. The class will rely heavily on the reading of
historical primary sources. In this course students will work
intensively on their writing as well. Final grades will be based on
a series of short writing assignments and a longer research paper,
as well as active participation in class discussions.