History | The Crusades
J301 | 11875 | Shopkow

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In an age when religious war is once again commonplace, the Crusades
are a useful example to think with about the connection between
people's religious beliefs, their cultures, and their wars. Were the
Crusades the first step in Europe's conquest of the world? Perhaps.
Were crusaders deeply religious or merely religiously sanctioned
freebooters? Were the crusades a central event of the European
Middle Ages or were they a side-show? How important were ordinary
people to crusading? Historians have been arguing over the meaning
of the crusades for the nine hundred years since they began. In this
course we’ll not only be learning how scholarly arguments work, but
also how to enter these arguments and find our own positions and
voices within them. This course will stress active learning, not
only in the form of discussion, but also in group projects and
presentations. Each student will have an opportunity to explore an
aspect of the crusades that interests her or him and to plan a
lesson around that aspect.