History and Philosophy Of Science | The Descent of Darwinism-The Evolution of Natural Selection
X100 | 10447 | Nicholas Best

The Evolution of Natural Selection Was Charles Darwin a scientific
revolutionary whose evolutionary theory shocked the establishment?
Or did he have intellectual predecessors whose work inspired him to
devise the theory of natural selection? The aim of this course will
be to give a balanced picture of Darwin's place in the history of
biology. By coming at Darwin’s place in history from different
perspectives we will get a more accurate portrayal of his real
significance to science.

In this class we will examine several major figures in the history
of the life sciences, geological sciences, theology and the social
sciences. We will analyse their conceptions of nature (and
humanity's place in it) with particular emphasis on how these ideas
shaped their disciplines and how they affected Darwin and his
thought. We will also examine the life of Darwin and read some of
his writings. We will compare his innovative theory of natural
selection with the theories that dominated biology before his day
and discuss the consequences of Darwin's contribution.

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