History and Philosophy Of Science | God and Nature in Historical Perspectives
X323 | 30723 | Carl Pearson

God and Nature in Historical Perspectives

For most of Western history, science and religion have
coexistedrelatively peacefully and reinforced one another’s
legitimacy.Although some moments occasioned conflict, most of the
greatintellectual debates of the last 2600 years arguably have been
intra-religious, intra-scientific, or both.  Over the course of the
lastfew centuries, this has changed and now science and religion
areregularly described as being at war.  This class attempts both
toexplore those great intellectual debates in their
historicalcontexts and to seek explanations for the emergence of
thescience/religion dichotomy in the modern era.  Topics
include:theology—ancient and medieval—as science; modern natural
theologyand design arguments; God’s relation to the natural world;
the pre-adamic people controversy; nineteenth-century linguistics
and racescience; God as creator/Man as creator/Woman as creator;
scientificattempts to understand religion.