India Studies | An Introduction to India
I310 | 10050 | Verma A

This course, team taught by the faculty of India Studies Program, is
geared towards those majoring in India Studies and those who have
interest in India. The objectives of this course are to familiarize
the students with the art, culture, religion, history, economics,
politics, media and contemporary issues of India. After an analysis of
the modern history of India, especially the British period and the
independence movement, the course will present the current political
issues ranging from nationalism, ethnicity, and internal conflicts to
international relations. Thereafter, the basic administrative
structure, constitution and issues of governance will be covered. The
present economic policies, business opportunities and the growth of IT
industry in particular will form another important segment of this
course. Religions of India and their impact upon society and culture
will be another significant part of the course that will discuss
related issues of environment and people's movements. The course will
also examine the growth of print and electronic media and its role in
shaping public opinion in the country. The diverse cultures will be
presented from the themes of visual and folk arts, dance-drama and
theater, devotional and modern literature. The evaluation will be done
on the basis of a series of papers on contemporary issues pertaining
to the different topics covered in the course.