International Studies | Culture and the Arts: An International Perspective
I201 | ALL | Kousaleos, N.

This course is designed to provide an introduction for the Culture
and the Arts concentration, which students can use as a framework
when pursuing further coursework on specific artistic forms and
parts of the world. Rather than surveying the various arts as
practiced throughout the world, the course will engage the issues
central to the concentration. It will begin with concepts of art,
culture, globalization, and identity.  It will introduce the
theoretical concepts of the arts as forms of cultural expression and
representation and the role of the arts in the formation and
transformation of identity. And it will examine the various
mechanisms, sites, and institutions through which the arts and
culture are disseminated globally. These concepts will be explored
in particular case studies, through which approaches to
understanding and methods for studying culture and the arts cross-
culturally and internationally will be taught.