International Studies | Nations, States & Boundaries
I206 | 27080 | Nordahl, Per Christian

This course explores the origins and development of the modern
global political order based on sovereign states. It will also deal
with the impact of globalization and the end of Cold War on this
order. In particular, we will focus on how dominant political
organizations (such as nation-states, political parties, and
international governing bodies like WTO) are shaped by the actions
of different social groups (such as classes, ethnic groups, and
social movement organizations) and vice versa.

The classes are divided into three parts. The first part deals with
theoretical perspectives on modern nation-state, as well as the
history of its emergence as the most salient political organization
in different parts of the world. The second part discusses how
modern nation-state evolves into the form as we know it today. The
last part of the course introduces students to an array of
challenges that nation-states and other political organizations are
facing under globalization and restructuring of world order
following the end of Cold War.