Leadership, Ethics and Social Action | Beyond the Sample Gates
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Topics requirement for the College of Arts & Sciences (S&H)
Will substitute as the Public Leadership in America core course for
the new certificate program in Political and Civic Engagement [PACE].
See the website at http://pace.indiana.edu

Education for democracy, to develop citizenship and civic skills, is
work with real consequences about real issues. In this course we will
consider the role of leadership and individual action in American
political and civic life, from our local community to the nation's
capital. We will research examples of leadership styles in government
and non-governmental groups. Students will also analyze and compare
specific challenges from different perspectives, including reflection
on their own strengths and skills. Local speakers, films and a variety
of readings will complement group exploration to research an issue
beyond the campus boundaries. Individual assessments, reflective and
research papers, and a group portfolio will be required.

There will be assignments to be completed in the Bloomington
community, such as attending a Common Council session (Wednesday
evenings) or other public meeting and interviewing a civic or
political leader. Students will be required to attend three weekend
events as well: a Saturday morning, Sept. 5, activity and the Farmer's
Market; and two Sunday dinner/evening events mid-semester, a film
showing and a leadership panel. Class attendance and participation is
required and an important part of the
engagement of the work.

Please email pace@indiana.edu if you have further questions about this