M380 | 7898 | Dadok

This course will focus on selected aspects of mathematics and its
relationship to other human endeavors. Here are some topics we will
talk and write about:
-How have different societies regarded mathematics?
-Mathematics as a model for: sciences, philosophy, the “real world”
-Some important ideas in mathematics: infinity, real number, (non)
Euclidean geometry, …
-Evolution of standards in mathematical discourse
-Some important applications of mathematics: map making, CAT scan,
Cryptography, …
-Why is bad writing so irritating?

History of Mathematics (3 cr.) P: M212. Brief study of the development
of algebra and trigonometry; practical, demonstrative, and analytic
geometry; calculus, famous problems, calculating devices; famous
mathematicians and chronological outlines in comparison with outlines
in the sciences, history, philosophy, and astronomy.