Philosophy | Selected Topics in History of Ethics
P541 | 29795 | Abramson

Topic: Hume

This will be one of those courses that has a plot. In the most
general outline, the plot of this class is that serious, careful and
historically oriented examination of David Hume's philosophical
ethics can have enormous pay-offs for contemporary ethics. Just what
are the lessons for contemporary ethicists to be learned though
historically minded examination of Hume is a matter we will discuss
in detail, and with reference to a variety of specific topics,
throughout the course.  Primary readings will be drawn from Hume's
own work-- primarily the Treatise & Enquiries, though selections
shall also be drawn from Hume's Essays and Histories on occasion.
Secondary readings will be drawn from selected sources in
contemporary ethics, and we will determine precisely which bits of
contemporary ethics will be most useful (and agreeable) for the work
of the course based on the background and interests of students in
the course.