Psychology and Brain Sciences | Statistical Techniques
K310 | 9636 | Busemeyer, J.

This is one of the most important classes you can take as an
undergraduate in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. During this
course, you will learn optimal ways to make predictions and
inferences about the future based on information collected in the
past. You will learn how to analyze and interpret data for making
decisions using sophisticated state of the art computer programs.
These skills are important for all types of careers including
research, industry, business, and administration.

Teaching Method:
For the majority of classes, I will present lectures, and the
lecture notes can be downloaded from my WWW home page (shown above)
before coming to class. Some of the classes will be conducted in a
computer laboratory during which we will demonstrate the use of
computer programs (SPSS). Finally, you will be given practice exams
to help you prepare for the real exams.

Course Grade Procedure:
Your course grade will be based on your performance on three
different parts: Exams, home-works, and class participation. There
will be three exams, as indicated on the course schedule below.
Each exam will be scored from 0 to 100%, and the overall exam grade
will be the average of the three exams. There will be periodic
homework assignments, due as they are announced in class. Late home-
works are not accepted without a medical excuse. The overall
homework grade will be the average of all the individual home-
works.  The final grade will be computed from the formula  Final =
(.75)Exam + (.25)Home. The following cutoffs will be used to assign
grades: 100 to 90 = A, 80 to 89 =B, 70 to 79 = C, 60 to 69 =D, below
60 = F.