Psychology and Brain Sciences | Human Memory
P340 | 9639 | Pisoni, D.

This course deals with the field of human memory. Research on
human memory is concerned with how people acquire, retain and use
information and knowledge. In this course, we will examine the
underlying mental and neural processes, mechanisms and structures
that are involved in sensory memory, short-term memory and long-term
memory. Specific areas to be covered include topics such as
perception and pattern recognition, coding and capacity limitations,
forgetting and retention, interference and decay, working memory,
levels of processing, implicit and explicit memory, amnesia, visual
imagery and verbal coding, memory schemas and memory illusions,
memory development and effects of aging on memory, mnemonics and
memory aids. All of the topics covered in this course will have
direct application to your daily lives and success at IU and beyond!
I am confident you will get something useful from taking this
course. It will help you in many ways in the future.