Psychology and Brain Sciences | Neuroscience
P346 | 9642 | Wellman, C.

Description:  P346 provides a basic introduction to the study of the
nervous system, drawing on basic concepts in the biological,
physical, and behavioral sciences.  The first section of the course
presents fundamental principles of neuronal structure and function
and gross anatomy of the nervous system.  Subsequently, neural
structure, function, and organization are considered in relation to
sensory and motor function, learning and memory, cognition and
language, and other basic behaviors.  Specifically, we will focus on
the relationship between subjective experience—perception, thought,
and action—and its physical substrate—the cells and structures of
the nervous system.

Format:  Because of the large class size, the format is necessarily
restricted to lecture.  However, I encourage students to ask
questions in class, as well as discussion with students after class
and during office hours.

Tests and Grading:  Course grades are based on total points earned
on four tests consisting of a combination of multiple-choice, short-
answer, identification, matching, diagram, and essay questions.

Text:	Bear, Connors, and Paradiso (2007).  Neuroscience: Exploring
the Brain, 3rd Edition.