Psychology and Brain Sciences | Principles of Research in Psychology
P510 | 27434 | Smith, E.

This course provides a graduate-level overview of research design,
methods, and analysis in psychology, with a focus on the fundamental
logical principles governing the validity of research conclusions.

The goal is to acquaint students with strengths and limitations of a
wide range of research approaches, equipping them to think more
broadly about potential research questions and to adopt the most
appropriate method for addressing a given theoretical issue
(whether “basic” or applied).  Sample topics include:

-- Design: principles of research design for laboratory and field
-- Measurement: Implicit and explicit measures, observational and
event-sampling methods, survey and questionnaire research.
-- Analysis: Logic of structural equation modeling and analysis of
mediation, meta-analysis, computational modeling.

Recommended for graduate students in any area of psychology or
related areas (e.g., marketing, social sciences).