Religious Studies | Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
R210 | 27511 | C. Halberstam

COLL A&H, CSA distribution (Western Religious Tradition for the
Religious Studies major)

The Hebrew Bible—the Old Testament to Christians, the Tanakh to Jews—
is perhaps the most read text in the history of the world.  It is
also the most misread. This course takes a historical approach to
the various books that came to be seen by many as sacred scripture.
What do we know about who wrote the Bible, the world that produced
it, and the events it describes?  Why was it written, and what was
it trying to communicate? We will not read the entirety of the
Hebrew Bible in this course, but we will instead concentrate on
selected texts in order to appreciate the span of topics in the
Hebrew Bible, from the creation myth to the exploits of ancient
kings to poems celebrating love and wisdom.