Religious Studies | Religions of Japan
R357 | 27577 | H. Blair

COLL A&H, CSA distribution (Eastern Religious Tradition for the
Religious Studies major)

In Japan most people state that they are not religious, and yet the
cities are full of temples and shrines, the calendar is peppered
with festival days, and many people have some kind of charm clipped
to their handbag, mobile phone, or briefcase.  This course is built
on the understanding that religion has played and continues to play
a major role in Japanese culture, but that we may need to re-think
just what “religion” is and how it works when we think about
religion in Japan.  Therefore we will be reading not only about Zen
but also about baseball, and we will be working with a variety of
materials, including literature, ethnography, and film as we explore
major issues and themes within the diverse religious cultures of
Japan.  There are no pre-requisites for this course. Meets with R554