Slavic Languages and Literatures | Advanced Intermediate Polish I
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P301/505 is the fifth course in a six-part sequence (P101, P102, P201,
P202, P301, P302) offered through the Polish Program at IU.  These
courses teach the four basic language skills in Polish: speaking,
listening, reading, and writing. Major cultural aspects of Poland are
also incorporated throughout the instructional materials.
After successfully completing this course students will be able to
read, write, speak, and comprehend Polish at an advanced intermediate
level. There will be three main areas of building upon students' basic
skills covered in the first and second year of study, corresponding to
the tri-partite organization of the primary textbook, Kiedyś wrócisz
tu…(Part I): communication (expressing opinions; protesting;
compliments; advising; argumentation; expressing emotions etc.);
reading literary texts and expanding vocabulary; advanced grammatical
topics (negation, imperative, aspect, participles, conditional etc.).
Communicative exercises will be based on a second textbooks used in
the course, Coś wam powiem... Topics covered: opinions, greetings,
addressing people, asking for and giving information, apologizing and