Slavic Languages and Literatures | Russian for Heritage Speakers
R200 | ALL | Shrager

Russian for Heritage Speakers  (3 credits)

The course is intended for students who speak Russian at home or with
relatives, or who grew up speaking Russian and wish to strengthen
their Russian skills. The course uses the textbook Russian for
Russians, specifically designed for Russian heritage speaking
students. R200 is a four skills course that aims not only at filling
in gaps in literacy and grammar, but also in vocabulary building. At
the beginning, students will master basic reading and writing skills
(including spelling rules and Cyrillic computer literacy). Students
will then read selected fiction and nonfiction texts in order to
enhance and develop their language proficiency. Grammar will be
introduced in broad categories, a methodology specifically used for
heritage speakersí grammar acquisition. Special attention will be
given to vocabulary expansion through reading and vocabulary
exercises. The writing and speaking assignments will be aimed at
helping students progress to a coherent proficient discourse. Regular
exposure to a wide variety of authentic printed, audio, and video
sources in Russian, accompanied by exercises and essay writing, will
enable students to gain cultural proficiency and promote a better
understanding of Russian culture. Students who successfully complete
the course will be able to continue with R202 or higher.