Slavic Languages and Literatures | Readings in Russian Lit I
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Given limitations of time and desirability of representative
sampling, selection of material is reflected almost exclusively to
the major practi- tioners of the Russian short story (Bunin, Gorky,
Zoshchenko, Ilf and Petrov, Olesha, Zamyatin, Babel,l Bulgakov,
Nabokov, Aksenov, Solzhenitsyn).

The goals of the course are to develop a keener awareness of
literary texts, to develop the ability to organize verbal material,
and to increase self-expression in Russian. Grades are based
entirely on class participation (30%), oral reports (20%), written
summaries (25%) and themes (25%). If it becomes necessary, the
teacher reserves the right to give translation quizzes and questions
on the assigned text.
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