Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 11245 | Von Der Haar

11:15AM-12:30PM 	MW 	TH A201

Like other social sciences, sociology views social life from its own
unique perspective.
Understanding this perspective is therefore the primary goal of this
course.  It is from this perspective that students will learn the
basic concepts, theories and methods of sociology.  As we consider
some of the most important topics in sociology, students will learn
how to think in a different way.  They will quickly discover that
things are not always what they seem.  This observation, which is
commonly known as this first wisdom of sociology, turns most
students into social detectives.  Approaching lessons in this way
shows students the value of sociology.  Through their readings and
class discussions, students will learn how to look behind the scenes
and under the surface to figure out how things really operate in
social life.

Topics covered in this introductory course will include: culture,
socialization, social structure, social inequality, and social
institutions (family, politics, economy, education, and media).

This class introduces students to the basic concepts, theories and
methods of sociology.