Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 6500 | Irby

11:15AM-12:30PM 	TR	LI 033

The purpose of this class is for students to learn how to view the
world through a sociological lens.  We will examine and critique
society and social behavior.  In this class we will look beyond the
individual to understand how larger institutions and factors shape,
influence and/or determine what we like, what we believe, what we
know, and where we may end up in life. In turn, we will also
consider how individuals affect society.  This class introduces
students to the basic concepts, theories and methods of sociology.
Topics that will be covered in this introductory course include:
race/ethnicity, class, gender, family, and education.  Through
readings, discussions, applications, and assignments students will
demonstrate their sociological knowledge.