Sociology | Society and the Individual
S230 | 27141 | Hallet

9:30AM-10:45AM 	MW  BH 204

Socrates (among others) was famous for imploring us to "Know
Thyself."  But what exactly is "the self?" How can we "know" it?
Where does it come from?  More personally, who am I?  What is my
sense of self?  How do I and my interactions with others create the
social world that I live in?  If these questions pique your
interest, then this is the class for you, but only if you are
willing to challenge your assumptions about the world and look at
things with an open mind. By asking and answering these questions,
this class introduces students to social psychology (sociological
style).  These "I" questions cannot be answered without looking at
the interrelationships between individuals and society, and this is
where we will focus our attention.  To understand ourselves, we must
understand society.

This is not a traditional 200 level course.  Instead of using a
textbook, (which many people find boring) we will be reading a wide
range of materials from sociology, social psychology, anthropology,
history—even an autobiography—as a way to analyze the many
connections between society and the individual.