Sociology | Society and the Individual
S230 | 6514 | Benard

9:30AM-10:45AM TR  BH 304

This course provides an introduction to the theories, methods, and
practice of social psychology.  Social psychology draws on both
sociology and psychology, and addresses questions like: How does the
way we think shape our interactions with other people?  How do our
interactions shape the way we think?  Why does society work at all,
instead of collapsing into anarchy?  The answers to these questions
are relevant for understanding politics, law, business, how to get
along with your roommates, and many other parts of life.  This
course will draw on a variety of readings and other materials to
discuss key concepts in the field, including power, conformity,
influence, stereotypes, relationships, identity, and why being asked
to wear a Vanilla Ice t-shirt all day isnít as bad as it sounds.