Sociology | Topics in Cross-Cultural Soc. VT: Rise of China
S346 | 30443 | Hung

2:30PM-3:45PM	MW	SE 140

Above Class Carries Culture Studies Credit
Above Class Open to Undergraduates Only

The course introduces students to the background, dynamics, and
impact of the rise of China as an economic powerhouse and a
significant geopolitical actor in historical and global
perspectives. The course will pay particular attention to the social
and political origins of China’s economic miracle, socio-political
crises unleashed by the miracle, and the impact of the rise of China
on the US and the world. The course will also deal with public
policy options of Beijing and Washington in making China’s rapid
development more a blessing than a threat. Lectures will be aided by
documentary films and other multi-media materials. No prior
knowledge of China is required.