Sociology | Research Methods in Sociology
S370 | 8576 | Thoits

2:30PM-3:45PM	MW	BH 217

8577 	12:20PM-1:10PM 	T	WY 125
8578 	1:25PM-2:15PM 	T 	WY 125
8579 	2:30PM-3:20PM 	T 	WY 125

We are surrounded by the social world and we use many strategies for
making sense of that world.  Some strategies yield more accurate
information than others.  Social scientists have developed methods
for the systematic study of social life to guide those wishing (or
needing) to have accurate answers to questions about social
phenomena.  In this class you will be introduced to many of these
methods so that you will have the basic skills needed to critically
evaluate the research of others and to conduct research of your
own.  This class focuses primarily on designing and collecting
social data and introduces you to simple ways of analyzing data once
collected.  Whether you plan to continue your work as a sociologist
in graduate school after graduating or to find a full-time job,
knowledge of these methods is a valuable skill that will be of use
to you in many different settings.  Because hands-on experience is
important in learning these methods, you will conduct three small
research projects, one based on qualitative interviews, one using
content analysis, and a third employing survey data, with a choice
of topics for each small project.  You will write three short
research reports on your findings.  Course activities will include
weekly readings, lab exercises, and guided work on the three