Speech and Hearing Sciences | Intro. to Research Methods
S311 | 29850 | Gershkoff, L.

This course will provide an introduction to clinical research in the
fields of speech, language, and hearing disorders.  In clinical
research, the immediate goal of the researcher is to improve the
quality of the diagnostic and treatment practices that are currently
being used in a field.  In this course, we will use evidence-based
practice methods, a comprehensive evaluation system developed in
recent years in medicine, to examine the effectiveness of prevention
and screening test, diagnostic tests, treatments, and other
rehabilitation practices in fields of speech, language, and hearing
disorders.  Learning how to apply evidence-based practice standards
to diagnosis and treatment in speech, language, and hearing
disorders will provide a survey of the clinical methods used in our
fields of practice.

Pre-requisite:  Math-A118, M118, M119 or equivalent
Recommended Pre-requisite:  PSY-K300 (Statistics) or equivalent