Asian American Studies | Introduction to Asian American Studies
A101 | 27695 | Dean

In studying Asian American history from the 19th century through the
present, we will also explore the diversity of groups brought under
the umbrella of "Asian American."  Readings on major events in the
collective experience of Asian immigrants and their American-born
desdendants will be supplemented with the more personal texts that
will touch on "Gold Mountain" and Manzanar, Yoko Ono and Vincent
Chin, may serve as springboards into discussions not only about
immigration, exclusion, and racial stereotyping, but also about the
mainstreaming of things Asian, like sushi and curry, and the
cultural/familial expectations and conflicts at "hypehnated
American" must often negotiate.  Students will have opportunities,
both individually and in groups, to explore these issues within the
broader context of American culture and to tracee the line from this
aspect of our shared past to the present.