Asian American Studies | Playing with Difference: Popular Cultures of Asia in America
A300 | 27694 | Inouye, K

From anime and General Tso's Chicken to henna tattoos and Hiundu
figurines, Asian themes and styles have become more integral to the
American popular cultural landscape. Everywhere you turn, the
increasing presence of Asian house wares, fashion, video games and
music has transformed vernacular culture from "Leave It to Beaver"
into something much less localized and into something more
transnational and hybrid.  In this course, we begin with a brief
history of the mostly negative representations of Asians and Asian
Americans in the meanstream media in the United States.  We will then
examine the popularization of aspects of Asian culture in America.
Examples of topics include Hong Kong cinema, graphic novels, the
spread of Asian ingredients and recipes, video games, martial arts,
anime and yoga.  The emphasis in this course lies on the changing
representation, and thus reception and conception, of Asians and
Asian cultures in American popular media.