American Studies | U.S. Arts & Media: Arabs in Hemispheric Literature
A202 | 32364 | Halloran

AMST-A202: Comparative American Identities
Topic: Arabs in Hemispheric Literature
IW course
Professor Vivian Nun Halloran
TR 11:15a – 12:30p  MO107     (19401)  3cr.

Carries A&H & CSA credit

Course meets with CMLT-C 262

This class will analyze how the figure of “the Arab” is portrayed in
contemporary literature produced in North America (US and Canada),
South America and the Caribbean.  Comparing works written by writers
of Arab ancestry with those that merely feature characters of Arab
descent, this class will investigate whether there is a hemispheric
view of the cultural contribution Arabian immigrants and their
families have made to the countries in which they have settled down.
This class will also investigate whether the literary texts construct
a transnational “Arabian” identity unchanged despite the works’
original language or cultural frame of reference.  We will consider
how these literary texts portray the tensions between nationality and
ethnicity, language, heritage and diaspora.