American Studies | Advanced Topics in Arts & Humanities for AMST: Narrative Medicine
A398 | 30220 | Halloran

AMST-A398 Advanced Topics in Arts & Humanities

Topic: Narrative Medicine
Fall 2010

Professor Vivian Nun Halloran
Meets with CMLT-C349

This course is an intensive writing course.

This course will focus on considering how narrative influences the
art and practice of medicine, and how doctors and patients write
about their interactions with one another, and within the health care
system.  Our class will analyze how specialized audiences and the
general public discuss scientific concepts and medical information,
considering these exchanges as acts of cultural translation.  We will
evaluate the effectiveness of the “case study” as a teaching tool in
the medical school curriculum as well as its popularity in general
interest publications such as The New York Times Magazine, as well as
consider its aesthetic merits as a literary genre. We discuss how the
medical memoir—whether written by doctor, patient or caretaker—skirts
around issues of privacy and technical information.  Among the texts
we will be reading will be William Carlos Williams’ Doctor Stories,
Emily Transue’s Sick Girl, and Oliver Sacks’ The Man Who Mistook his
Wife for a Hat.