Anthropology | Community Based REsearch I
A525 | 21217 | Atalay

Conducting research with, for and by communities is the focus of this
course.  There is a growing movement in social science and public
health fields to conduct research in partnership with communities that
produce results that benefit communities. In this course you will
examine collaborative research methodologies, and explore ways that
effective and rigorous research can be conducted with, for and by
communities.  Throughout the semester you will be introduced to a
range of collaborative approaches, with a focus on community based
participatory research (CBPR) methodologies and participatory action
research (PAR). Course participants will gain an understanding of CBPR
principles and history; the challenges and benefits involved in
conducting CBPR; and the ethics and best-practices for its successful
application. Developing an in-depth understanding of the guiding
principles of CBPR will be a central focus, including: reciprocity,
power-sharing, community capacity building, and integrating multiple
knowledge systems.

By the end of the semester you will have developed grounding in the
theory and practice of CBPR methods, and an understanding of how its
principles transform the process and outcomes of social science
research. You will learn: how community based research projects get
started, typical challenges, effective correspondence with the
community, grant writing skills for community projects, where and how
to publish your work, and a range of other practical and professional
research skills related to community- based work. The emphasis will be
on applications of CBPR to anthropology, archaeology, and Native
American and Indigenous studies; however examples from a range of
fields will be covered including natural resource management, museum
studies, geology, public health, and ethnobotany.

Important Note: This is the first of a two part course-series. A525
(Part 1 offered Fall 2010) is taught as a seminar - it provides
grounding in community-based research methods, and professional skills
development in planning and conducting a community-based research
project. A526 (Part 2 to be offered Spring 2011) will be a practicum -
it will provide practical, hands-on training in CBPR as students carry
out a community-based research project working with local Native
American communities. Students who enroll in A525 are NOT REQUIRED to
take A526, but A525 is a pre-requisite for enrollment in A526.